‘I had so many requests and the men came and worked patiently without complaining even once.’ – Fred Bucking

‘The marks of true greatness are seen in each and every one of the servicemen who has come to work on my garage door over the years from Lakewood Garage Door Repair. I have worked with them for many years now I could not have received a better service from any other company elsewhere.’ Jim R

‘I don’t know where to begin. It was a rainy day in winter and one look outside was all it needed to tell me that I wasn’t going anywhere that morning. It really was a bleak day and I really didn’t think the servicemen from Lakewood Garage Door Repair whom I had spoken to the week before would show up and keep the appointment we had set. But I was to be proved wrong. They did turn up on time despite the weather. I was pleasantly surprised by such dedication.’ – Helena Show

‘Dedicated, committed and loyal are the three words I would use to describe Lakewood Garage Door Repair.’- Loretta D

‘Only companies that care for people would go to the great lengths that Lakewood Garage Door Repair go for their clients. I had one of those really old doors on one of my properties out in the country. I liked the ancient feel of the place and didn’t want to change anything. It’s a place my great-grandfather maintained and I want to keep it looking like it did when he was there. So when the springs of the garage door broke I didn’t know what to do because I was most sure that no company would have spares for such an old door. I called Lakewood Garage Door and as I thought they didn’t have such spares – but they told me to call again the next day. I did and to my great delight they had called around everywhere they could think of until they found someone who knew where I could get the old springs I was looking for. So when I had the springs in my possession you can imagine who I naturally called in to do the installations. Thank you so much Lakewood Garage Door Repair.’ – Edward Hallow

‘If I have ever come across a company that I am not shy to talk about and recommend to my friends it has to be Lakewood Garage Door Repair.’ – Kelly J

‘Fast, reliable and efficient.’ – Holly Santana

‘Thanks a lot Lakewood Garage Door Repair. You guys did such an amazing job on our garage door. We will call you again next time!’ – Ruth and Benjamin Omar

‘It’s not everyday that you meet people who love their job the way the guys over at Lakewood Garage Door Repair love their jobs. It’s good to know there are people in it not just for the money.’ Ricky Dos Santos

‘My deepest thanks to Lakewood Garage Door Repair for the work they did on my garage door.’ – Meghan Riley


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